Tiana & JoeSnowy Graydon Hall Manor Wedding | Toronto, ON

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

These two wear love across their face; it’s radiant, you can’t miss it. If you get to witness it, like a few of us did on a snowy March afternoon as they¬†made their vows, your heart is reminded of how real love is. I had such a lovely time at this intimate gathering full of style, loads of laughs, and an abundance of love. It was so special that Tiana’s grandfather was able to be the one to marry them as well! Then, out of no where, Lorelai Gilmore’s voice came to me….

“I smell snow…”

And just like that the most perfect & magical snow fell down and just about covered the ground. Pure magic. Winter weddings are becoming my new favourite thing very quickly! Hope you enjoy this wedding Xo