Samantha & ScottAt home couple session & pregnancy reveal

These two are so special. When I first started out with Oak & Myrrh, Samantha took me under her wing. She took me out into a field and just started teaching me. She is the kind of woman that loves to nurture and encourage others in their art, and heck, she doesn’t hold back. The first two years of my business she poured into me. I honestly think about it often and realize that I wouldn’t be where I am in my business today if I didn’t have such a strong foundation that she helped me lay.

What I love most about these two is how honest they are with sharing their authentic selves. In sharing their amazing news of pregnancy, they also shared the real story about the whole story of how they got to this point. You can read their full story here and see how profoundly beautiful their love is and how strong it is together.

I am so happy to have been able to photograph these first few moments so they could share with their friends and family. I look forward to photographing many more beautiful family moments with them. Enjoy this sweet couple session & baby announcement shoot!